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Everything you need to know about our Company


Everything you need to know about our Company.
Encon Engineering About Us

ENCON ENGINEERING sells and services generators, engines and parts across all over pakistan. Since 2014, We provide technical solutions, consultations and integration services. Our clients range from small to large size businesses, as well as various local educational empires. We have established various partnerships to work on GF Power LLC (Engine Competence International), Adam Lubricants Pakistan. Throughout our career we have consistently met and exceeded our client's expectations in all areas that we serve. We specializes in Generator O&M AND SERVICES for a select group of businesses. At ENCON ENGINEERING are a proven turnkey sales provider of generators and their associated products. We work directly with several manufacturers to give us a broad product line that allows us to make sure the fit is just right for your requirements. You may require help with choosing a new and used power plant for your application. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding any new or used Power plant machinery as per your requirement.
As a company we essentially aim to deliver with the highest possible standards. Our business practices solely come from the notion to genuinely own the problems of our prized customers, come up with specifically customized solutions and uphold the principles of empathy, professionalism and sincerity.


ENCON ENGINEERING provides generator services for several different industries. We have an extensive range testing tools to serve you efficiently and effectively. In addition, we are capable of responding to an accommodating a wide variety of repairs and provide maintenance on all makes and models.
Spare Parts

24/7 Service: When You Need It

Encon Engineering has an experienced team of factory-trained technicians that can get your standby power systems running in an emergency, and keep it maintained for the reliability that you need.

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Custom Projects: Systems & Installs

We can customize equipment to meet your needs. Our engineers and sales team will help you quickly determine the optimal solution for your needs while delivering the greatest possible value.

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Parts: Making It Easy For You

We offer a massive selection of parts for more than a dozen major brands. We have branches across the Western United States and expedited shipping options to wherever you are.

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Reaching The Heights Of Customer Services Satisfaction